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Track Your Money Easily

Financial planners often advise people to track where the money is going. If you do not know what your average monthly grocery bill is for the last 12 months, then you need to sign up for Expense Tracker.

Custom Categories

Grocery can be one type of Expense Category. Other Custom Categories can be:

  • Gasoline for your car
  • Recurring expenses such as Electricity and Water
  • Automotive Expenses
  • Rent or Mortgage
  • Gifts or Entertainment

Easily Create any Custom Expense Category and Follow Your Money.

expense tracker software

Track Your Spending Easily Across Various Devices

expense tracking software
expense tracking software
expense tracking software
expense tracking software
expense tracking software


The Expense Tracker easily displays on your cell phone and/or desktop computer and/or tablet. Works on Desktop computers for Windows, Mac, or Linux and works on cell phones such as Android, iPhone, or Windows cell phone. And works on Android tablet or iPad.

In Sync

The Expense Tracker software stays in Sync regardless of what device you use.
For example, when you add an expense using your cell phone, the added expense will also display on your desktop computer or on your tablet.

Quality Software with Precision Performance!

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Reward yourself with knowing where the money you earned is going. With the "Expense Tracker" software, you will gain knowledge that most people are not aware of.

Knowing exactly how much money is being spent on certain categories will help you gain control of your finances and plan ahead for future expenditures.

Especially when the financial expenses can quickly be seen in writing.

However, seeing exactly where the money is going by using different devices can normally be difficult to stay in sync.

After countless hours of searching the internet, I could not find an easy to use expense tracker that will allow me to use any device to enter an expense and also use any device to view the expenses being tracked.

Hence, the "Expense Tracker" was created for the purpose of quickly and easily and accurately showing the average person how much money is being spent in real time across various devices.

Benefits of the "Expense Tracker" web app include:

  • Add and/or Edit Expenses in Real Time
  • Re-occurring Expenses Auto-Reminder
  • Search past or current Expenses
  • Add or Edit Re-occurring Expenses
  • Add or Edit Expense Categories
  • Category Averages over time
  • Sort Expenses by Amount, Name, Date or Category
  • Optional Free Share Accounts with Spouse or Family members or Friends
  • And More!...

  • Web app securely works in common browsers for many devices:
    • Mac/Windows desktop computer
    • Apple/Windows laptop
    • Chrome book
    • iPad
    • Android/Windows tablet
    • iPhone
    • Android/Windows smart phone

Save money by tracking where your money is spent!

FREE Online Videos

Financial advisors recommend that if you keep track of your expenses then you are more likely to save towards your goals!

Make your family finances Happier!

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Most people just pay their monthly loan payments without much thought and never realize just how much money can be saved by knowing where their money is being spent.

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